Muffins or Quick Bread
Yields 48 Muffins
Serving Size 1 Muffin
2 lbs All-purpose Flour
1 lb. 8 oz. Ground Flaxseed
.167 oz. Vanilla Extract
.40 oz. Salt
.29 oz Baking Soda
.29 oz Baking Powder
.15 oz Cinnamon
7 oz Eggs
7.11 oz Granulated Sugar
10.66 oz Raisins
32 oz Lemon Juice and add buttermilk to make 32 oz. liquid.
• Use medium size, Teflon pans, sprayed lightly with PAM; don't use paper liners, dough sticks;

• Beat eggs and sugar before adding lemon juice and buttermilk to liquid ingredients; avoid over mixing;.

• Stir or mix dry ingredients into liquid ingredients just enough to dampen dry ingredients, leaving batter slightly rough and lumpy.

• Mix additives like dry fruit into liquids, just before adding dry ingredients.