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The Essential Flax
Whether you're a baker or a chef, click here to get the latest information tailored to your needs. Find out about new product development and exciting new ways to use flax in your bakery products or culinary creations. 
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Nutrition Facts
Find out just how healthy flaxseed really is! Flaxseed is a natural plant source that delivers high concentrations of Omega-3 essential fats, fiber, phytochemicals and other important nutrients in a delicious, nutty package. Include flaxseed in your formulas and recipes to deliver the health, nutrition and flavor that today’s consumer demands.
Flaxseed Recipes
Whether you’re looking for a light hors d'oeuvre or hearty, old world bread our flaxseed recipes are sure to please! These recipes call for whole flaxseed or [ground] flaxseed meal which gives your bakery or culinary products a healthy profile as well as nutty crunch compatible with both sweet and salty flavors.
Flaxseed Trade and Handlers Database
Find your flaxseed supply source here! The companies listed in this section handle flaxseed, [ground] flaxseed meal or flaxseed oil.