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Flaxseed in Livestock Feed
Get the latest information about feeding flaxseed to livestock. Check out “Just the Flax for the Dairy Industry” newsletter. Find links to the independent university research papers that have dairy producers excited about adding flax to dairy rations. See beef research from Kansas State University and North Dakota State University.
Flaxseed for Companion Animals
Flaxseed is gaining popularity in the pet food industry. Many pet food manufacturers add flaxseed to their formulas because it appears to improve both hair coat and animal health.
Omega 3 Eggs and Poultry Feed
An excellent source for Omega-3 fatty acids is the Omega-3 enriched egg derived from hens fed flaxseed. Check out sources for Omega-3 enriched eggs and find out why flaxseed is being added to broiler rations as well.
Flaxseed Trade and Handlers Database
Find your flaxseed supply source here! The companies listed in this section handle flaxseed, ground flaxseed and/or flaxseed oil.