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Wonder no more! Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about flaxseed.
Ameriflax Informational Brochure
Learn why flaxseed is great for baking, and great for your health!
The Essential Flax
See why flaxseed is an omega-3 powerhouse and discover the special role its fiber and lignans play in strong, healthy body. Find out how fundamentally fabulous are the nutrients in this tiny seed. Click on Nutrition at a Glance for the standard USDA nutritional labels for flaxseed oil and whole and ground flaxseed.

Flax for your Health / Nutrition at a Glance / Nutrition Facts

Flaxseed Recipes
Quick and simple or fun fare with a healthy flair! Find everything from gourmet salads to hearty old world breads in this section of flax favorites.
Find out how to replace unhealthy fats and processed white flour with the wholesome, natural goodness of flaxseed. You’ll get baking tips, storage advice as well as the secret to producing the delicious nutty crunch of roasted flax.

Flax Facts Brochure 
It’s all right here! Everything you want to know about flax.  From nutrition and health, to how much of this tasty little seed to make part of your regular diet, is in this beautiful flax facts brochure.

Learn the benefits of flaxseed and how to make the most of your diet with healthy flaxseed recipes and nutritional information.