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AmeriFlax is the trade organization that represents North Dakota flax producers. The organization is funded by flax check-off dollars from the North Dakota Oilseed Council. Our purpose is to increase the use and sale of U.S.-grown flax and by-products in domestic and foreign markets. AmeriFlax guides programs on public relations, advertising, nutrition research, market research and consumer and industrial education.

United States flax acreage reached 340,000 harvested acres and a total production of 5.7 million bushels in 2008. Over ninety five percent of the flax was grown in North Dakota with 323,000 acres harvested. Production in North Dakota totaled 5.5 million bushels and the yield per acre was 17 bushels.

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Find your flaxseed supply source here! The companies listed in this section handle flaxseed, [ground] flaxseed meal or flaxseed oil.

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Flax Testing for CDC Triffid
The following US labs have been approved to test flax seed samples for the presence of CDC Triffid. Each of these labs has successfully completed the proficiency testing and has indicated it is capable of detecting Triffid below 0.01%.

Eurofins GeneScan, Inc.
2315 N Causeway Boulevard, Suite 200
Metairie LA 70001
USA Telephone: 504-297-4330 or 504-297-4355
Facsimile: 504-297-4335
Email: frankspiegelhalter@eurofinsus.com
3344 NW Industrial Street
Portland OR 97210-1619
USA Telephone: 503-223-1497
Facsimile: 503-223-9436

SGS - Mid-West Seed Services, Inc.
236 - 32nd Avenue
Brookings SD 57006
USA Telephone: 605-692-7611
Facsimile: 605-692-7617
Email: Kalyn.brixdavis@sgs.com